Septic Inspections

Septic Tank Inspection / Clearance Letter for Home Closing

Do I Need to Pump My Septic Tank in Order to Inspect My System?

The simple answer to this question is “Yes.” Occasionally, we hear of other companies coming out and inspecting by just looking at the ground and maybe sticking a rod in the ground. Unfortunately, inspecting a septic system properly is not that simple.

How Do You Inspect The Septic System?

There are two main parts to an average septic system (of course there are more complicated systems but we will stick with the most simple / common for our purposes) : the septic tank and the drain field (leech field).

Septic Tank

When we inspect the septic tank, first we excavate the lids and make sure that they are intact with no cracks or breaks. Next, we open up the tank and check bot the inlet baffle and the outlet baffle. The baffles are an integral part to the septic tank and it is of the utmost importance that they are in good shape. Homes built prior to the mid 1990’s originally had concrete baffles. The concrete baffles tend to deteriorate over time and usually end up needing to be replaced with pvc baffles. Homes built after the mid 1990’s usually were installed with pvc baffles that last longer. Finally, we make sure the filter is intact and working properly.

Drain Field / Leech Field

The drain field is a little harder to inspect but we look at three main things to see if it is working properly. First, we look at the ground to make sure there are no obvious dips or standing water where the drain field is located. Next, we look at the water level of the tank when we first open it up. If the water level is high, that can indicate the drain field is not accepting water as it should. Lastly, as we pump the tank out, we look to see if any water is back flowing from the drain field. If water is back flowing, that is also a sign that the drain field is not working properly.

Can a Home Inspector Inspect the Septic System?

We recommend always having a septic company inspect the septic system. Other inspectors / professions often times do not have the proper equipment or knowledge to inspect the septic properly.

When Will I Receive My Clearance Letter?

We write and email clearance letters and receipts the same day as the inspection.